Referee Protocol & Equipment


As a Referee/Assistant Referee (AR) you must follow the protocol:

- Every Referee/AR MUST be on time. (20 minutes prior to your game all Referees/ARs meet at the Referee Room, exception is if you are refereeing/AR back to back games than you don't need to go to the Referee Room). If you are playing in a game before you are refereeing, ask your coach to release you from your game 10 minutes early. If you are late for your games, priority will be given to the referees that are on time.
- Every Referee/AR must wear proper referee jersey, black referee shorts (with pockets) and black socks. Jersey will be given to you by NYS prior to your game.  Shorts and socks are your responsibility to provide for yourself. In case you don't have any, you can purchase them from us. Socks are $5 and shorts are $15 for youth and $20 for adults.
- Every Referee must have a whistle, wrist stop watch, cards, pen and a coin at all times during your games. You are required to provide a whistle, coin and wrist stop watch. Cards and pen are supplied by NYS for your games. If you don't have a whistle you can purchase it from us for $5.00.
- Every AR must have, AR flag, whistle and stop watch at all times during your games.

The Referee and two Assistant Referees leave the Referee room together as a team. Jerseys are tucked in your shorts and socks are pulled up. Assistant referees are carry their AR flags furled. Together you go to your allocated field. First priority is safety so scan fields for any potential hazardous material that can injure players. It is the referee and assistant referees' responsibility that both teams are in their allocated technical areas during their games at all times and that there are no bicycles, strollers or any other hazardous equipment left anywhere close to the field. Technical area is for players and coaches ONLY. You as a referee are legally responsible if non player gets injured while residing in technical area. No babies, parents, siblings, dogs etc. in technical area. No games should start till technical areas have only players and coaches present. After rules have been explained to both teams and coin has been tossed, both Assistant Referees need to check the nets before they get into position. When the game is about to start, ARs unfurl their flags which is a sign they are ready to start. Referees/ARs who are refereeing last game of the day on that particular field will bring corner flags back with them to the referee room.