U4 - U17 Coaches  Meeting 

This very important Coaches Meeting will be held at LV Rogers High School in the common room, Wednesday April 5th, 5.30pm - 6.30pm.

At the meeting, all coaches will receive very important information about NYS soccer structure. Coaches meeting is mandatory for all volunteer house coaches and assistant coaches


LVR common room, Wednesday April 5th 5.30pm - 6.30pm

- Kerry Dyck, Chair
- Sveta Tisma, Executive Director
- Brett Adams, Technical Director
- House directors: Alex and Kirsten
- Divisional Managers
- Any other directors

Chair message - Kerry
- Fair play
- Equal playing time
- Roster parity

Technical Director – Brett Adams
- Coaches Binder
- House Head Coach
- First 3 weeks team roster assessment
- Coaches clinics
- Communication

Safety – Rob Borhi
- Criminal Record Checks
- Safety information
- Concussion Protocol
- IRC Process

Executive Director – Sveta
- Equipment and nets
- Field house
- Coaches Binder
- Medical Forms
- Fair play code agreements
- Player ratings and attendance

Open discussion and questions